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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Porsche 917 Sofa - INSPIRED DESIGN - VIDEO

Front View

Rear View
Front view of Porsche 917 seat 
Rear view of Porsche 917 seat 

The Porsche 917 inspired the design of this unique piece of creative art. The early 70’s at Le Mans fastest and distinctive cars of this era. A functional two seater sofa which encapsulates not only the style of car but a moment in time.

Click to Enlarge

The Porsche 917 sofa is offered in a range of the original body colours and livery. The body is manufactured in an original glass fibre format and painted with nine coats of two pack automotive paint. The chassis frame is manufactured in 16 gauge tubular mild steel and powder coated for a hard non corrosive finish. Having five alloy legs and four genuine automotive lights (a functional option) which are sealed under a Perspex lens.


There are a lot of hours in making this sofa.

Is that a 550 spyder in the workshop there at 9:45?

Porsche Martini 917 Sofa

Back in 1957, Trevers and Ivor Walklett were the two original founders of Ginetta Cars LTD. Their desire to create and passion for cars started the life long quest that was to create some of the most desirable and exhilarating designs of the last few decades.
Mark Walklett, son of Trevers who grew up in this environment with sketches on scraps of paper, sketch books to drawing boards was taught to always have an open mind when it comes to design.

Having helped to create in a hands on way some of the models from the mid 80’s. Mark served his apprenticeship well in the early 90’s, with one of his personal concepts granted the car of the show when launched at the 1991 motor show.

In 1992, Mark together with his father Trevers and Ivor Walklett, co-founded a new company DARE UK LTD (Design And Research Engineering), manufacturing many of their classics models and created several new designs including the DARE DZ concept that was launched at the 1998 Motor Show.

Dare DZ
Dare DZ concept car

Original Sketch by Mark Walklett

In 2000, a new design the TG sport was launched and named in memory of Trevers Walklett. And, with expectations running high, in 2006-2007, DARE’s latest new mid-engined super-car, is coming to fruition.

Other non Ginetta /Dare automotive and none automotive designs had been undertaken over the last decade. In recent years, they have varied to include a 14-ft high copper tree-fountain to Porsche classic recreation body panels and other automotive furniture, which leads us to Mark’s first commercially offered item under his inspired designed name.

Other concepts will surely follow from these evocative periods of time.


Inspired Design Inspired Design Inspired Design Inspired Design Inspired Design Inspired Design Inspired Design

New Products

  Representation of a Porsche 917 rear wing Representation of a Porsche 917 rear wing Representation of a Porsche 917 rear wing


NEC Classic & Sports Car Show NEC Classic & Sports Car Show
The seat was on display at the Birmingham NEC Classic & Sports Car Show, courtesy of F1 Shop and Grand Prix Images shop

Porsche Festival Porsche Festival
At Eynsham Hall, the seat had its public debut on the 911 & Porsche World Magazine stand at the Porsche Festival, which was organize by the Porsche Club of Great Britain. Many thanks to the Editor Steve Bennett and all of his team.


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