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Draw an imaginary line across the center of California. Anchor one end off the Monterey Area/Santa Cruz mountains, on the Pacific coast. Run the line east over the Coast Range, through the Central Valley, and over the Sierra Nevada mountains. Tether the other end of the line at the Nevada border, on the fringe of the Great Basin Desert.

"Backroads of Northern California" covers the incomparable natural beauty, the myths and the history of the Golden State on the northern side of that line, while "Backroads of Southern California" does the honors for the lower half, from the San Joaquin Valley to the border with Mexico.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Driving Nirvana

Awesome road
Stewarts Skaggs Point Spring Road and Hwy 1
A more complete route suggestion
Great Twisties 34 miles of the best road you'll ever come across on Stewarts Skaggs Point Spring Road. Very few driveways or X-roads, and you probably won't see more than a handful other vehicles.
Remember when driving was actually fun? When you'd get in the car and go somewhere just to explore? Every once in a while we enthusiasts have to remind ourselves that our cars are more than just a way to get to work and bring home groceries, no matter what the depressing set of digits on the gas pump says. When it's time to blow the cobwebs off your brain and some carbon off the valves, there's no substitute for a great driving road. For some, that road is a physical and mental workout. For others, it's a peaceful backdrop. Either way, we all have that special road that washes the soul clean and makes climbing behind the wheel for tomorrow's hour-long commute manageable.
The classic distinction between journey and destination, as the end-point is the ever-present view running parallel to the car.
While they may be ominous for less-seasoned drivers, tortuous byways are part of the allure for many coastal motorists. Kurt Fischer, president of Porsche Club of America's Redwood Region, based in Santa Rosa, says the Stewarts Point-Skaggs Creek road presents nearly 200 turns as it winds 35 miles through vineyards, valleys, mountains and streams toward the stunning coastline of Highway 1 near Bodega Bay. This is perfect terrain for the Porsche, Fisher says, "Any model will do, from the oldest 356 to the newest 997. The suspension, motor, transmission-the Porsche was designed for roads like these." LINK FOR MAP Suggested place to stay Video - Cliff Cove Chalet - Jenner, California

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Driving Tours
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For Vistors to Northern California
Northern California Road Trip - Muir Woods, Redwood, Lassen and more!
Northern California Visitor Information

Start and end in San Francisco. Mileage does not include sightseeing. Take a journey that explores National Parks, Monuments, National Seashores and more! This road trip also includes Lake Tahoe and a beautiful drive along the coast. You may want to extend the time to visit the numerous state parks and tourist areas.

Approximate Mileage/Time: 1300 miles, 12 days

More Porsche destinations will follow. Stay Tuned!

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